Thanksgiving Turkeys 2012


Reserve a Garden of Eve Free Range, Antibiotic-free Turkey (fresh, uncooked), $5/lb. These are broad-breasted white turkeys.


You can select your size preference, from 8-25 lb.


We are currently accepting reservations for the birds – a $20 deposit will hold one for you. Pick up will be on the farm, Tues-Wed Nov 20&21 from 10-5 pm.


NAME: __________________________________ 

PHONE: ____________________________

EMAIL: __________________________________

TOWN: _______________________________


Yes! I would like to reserve a turkey (circle one): 8-10lbs  12-14 lbs    16-18 lbs    20-22 lbs    24lbs+      

Deposit Paid: _____    DATE: ________



Enjoy our organic veggies this year, without the work of cooking them yourself!

Pre-order any of the items below, to add to your dinner table any weekend in November.

Meals can be picked up noon-5 pm Thursday through Saturday, each week in November and will be ready to take to your home. 50% deposit due at time of order. PICK UP DATE: _______________________________                                                      

FALL HARVEST SIDES:   Circle size you’d like to order, below:

                                                                                                        Small (serves 2-4)             Med (8-12)               Lg (24-28)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes          




Roasted Maple Sweet Potatoes          




Sauteed Greens with Garlic and Olive Oil




Roasted Brussels Sprouts




Oven Roasted Potatoes, Parsnips and Carrots




Roasted Squash Soup

$12 (1 qt)

$38 (4qt)

$76 (8qt)

Herb Stuffing




Small (serves 2-4) = 8”x5” loaf pan, 1 qt container, or equivalent; Med (serves 8-12) =12”x9” pan or equivalent

Large (serves 24-28) = 20”x12” pan or equivalent



Sage Buttermilk Biscuits, dozen  ($28)     ________                

Cornbread Loaf ($14)                                      ________                                                                        

Cranberry Nut Bread Loaf ($18)                 ________  



Whole Cranberry Sauce ($12/pt, $20/qt)   _________                                                                                               

Turkey Gravy ($12/pt, $20/qt)                      _________           


PIES: all pies are made with locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables                           $24.99

  • Pumpkin Spice  _________
  •       Sweet Potato _________

  • Apple Pie           _________                                                                Apple Crumb        _________


TOTAL THANKSGIVING ORDER: ________    50% DEPOSIT AMNT: ________  PAID? CC/Cash/Check #




“I just wanted to tell you that your turkeys were so incredibly delicious… Oh my gosh, they were so good! I am so glad you raise them. We felt very close to the turkey because it was yours, and we knew where it had been.”  A.H.

“The others are turkey impostors. This was like eating turkey for the first time. This is the turkey of all turkeys.  Itwas eight and a half pounds of pure deliciousness!”    R.W.



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