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News-Review Story on our new Solar Panels!



 Interview with Eve, Chris and baby Shira on   "Enviro-Closeup" with Karl Grossman 11/07

Organic Farming Part #1:  


Organic Farming Part #2:  

organic turkey11/11/07
New York Times
Consumers Have Taste for Local Birds

Niche market or not, Long Island turkey producers sell out each year. Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht and her husband, Christopher, began raising turkeys at their organic farm, Garden of Eve in Riverhead, three years ago with about 60 birds. They’re up to 100 heritage Bourbon reds, which go for a premium price of $6.25 per pound.

“People who can afford it will pay as much as it takes to get something that tastes great,” Ms. Kaplan-Walbrecht said. “People get so excited about them.”

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organic garlicThe Vegetable Growers News

Garlic, other unusual crops sell well for organic farm

Garden of Eve has grown tremendously in the last few years. What started as "playing around" with a 1-acre garden has turned into a full-time organic vegetable far, on 25 acres said Eve, co-owner with her husband, Chris.



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Savoring Slow Food at Terra Madre 2006

By Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht, Garden of Eve Organic Farm

We met a rubber tapper from Thailand, a heritage-turkey farmer from Spain, some yak-cheese makers from Tibet, a community gardener from New Orleans and a couple running a diverse organic farm very much like ours in California. Where were we? At Terra Madre in Turin Italy, a conference organized by “Slow Food International” held from October 26-30, 2006.

My husband Chris and I had been nominated to be “delegates” to Terra Madre by Just Food, a non-profit organization based in New York City that had connected our certified organic farm, called Garden of Eve, with urban community groups to set up Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. With toddler in tow, we had made the trip to join the 7,000 other delegates coming from more than 150 countries, nearly all of whom were either food producers or chefs.

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Strong Case for Locally Grown Garlic
Sylvia Carter

Toss than rancid container of garlic powder into the trash. Think twice before reaching for heads of supermarket garlic; they may have less flavor and possible health dangers as well. But for now, let's focus on the positive.

Consider buying locally raised garlic. Better to buy garlic grown on Long Island than to trust the supermarket supply which may well come from China.

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Newsday – Garlic fest brings dollars and scents

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