APPRENTICE POSITIONS - We no longer offer apprentice positions,

however we do have many job opportunities available,

not all require previous experience.

Please check our extensive list of employment opportunities HERE,

particularly if you have prior farm work experience


Additional Positions Available Include:

Children's Program Instructor

Novice Farmer


Garden of Eve is an 80-acre organic for-profit farm located in a beautiful area of Long Island’s East End (called the North Fork). We are about 2 hours from NYC in a great area of beaches, ponds, forests, farms, and great summer weather. We cultivate approximately 50 acres of mixed vegetables and 3 acres of cut flowers, focusing on great-tasting heirloom varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, potatoes, etc. We also have a flock of 1000 laying hens, and a few cows, sheep, and goats for milk, meat, and fun. We sell produce to approximately 1500 CSA members at thirteen locations in NYC and on Long Island, to local residents from a busy farm stand on the farm, and at Greenmarket in Brooklyn and farmers markets on Long Island.

If you are interested in learning how to develop and run your own diverse sustainable farm to sustain you and your family someday financially as well as spiritually, you will find working with us very interesting. If you are just looking to learn how to grow your own food and relax in the country for a summer, you may not find it as enjoyable. We hustle.

We are looking for Farm Team Members who are self-directed and enjoy “attacking” the challenges that arise throughout the farm season, and who are interested in helping us improve the way we do things on the farm by sharing with us lessons from their experience on other farms and by taking responsibility for the parts of our operation that interest them. Drivers license and the ability to drive a truck, particularly in New York City, is highly desired. Sense of humor, independence, initiative, a good attitude, and a large dose of common sense are also desired. Mechanical experience, driving or fixing tractors and machinery is also highly desired.

HOURS: Approximately 45 hrs per week will be expected (i.e. 8 am – 5 pm 5 days per week), with two days off, and some schedule flexibility upon advance request.


Special projects can include opportunities to make additional income through entrepreneurship, such as growing and marketing your own crops on unused farmland, pastured poultry, and production of pickles, cookies, jams, and farm arts and crafts for sale at farm stand. Other projects to improve the sustainability of our farm are welcomed including teaching on-farm classes, etc.

PERIOD: Generally April 1-Thanksgiving, however June - Sept or June -Thanksgiving is also possible in some cases.


HOUSING: may be available. Please inquire.


MEALS: Vegetables, eggs, and other farm produce are provided free of charge.

MATERIALS TO BE SUBMITTED: Please fill out our online job application form here:

 Chris meets with Farm Manager and Field Manager to schedule the week's work Our waterwheel transplanter hard at work

    Loading flower bouquets onto the truck

The Garden of Eve farmstand   



If you like to spend time with kids and have a background instructing at a camp, environmental education, or other outdoor education experience, this could be a good opportunity for you.

Period: April-October, ideally. Late May-late August (Memorial Day to Labor Day at minimum).

The Children's Program Instructor will plan, promote, implement and teach classes at our farm markets on topics including organic gardening, cooking, preserving the harvest, etc. Our farmstand products and programming are oriented towards families with children and each year we look for someone with experience and interest in creating, scheduling, and teaching activities with preschool aged kids (i.e. 2-7) and their families (i.e. Bug walks, berry picking, seed planting, cooking projects, etc.) about 2-3 days/week.

We are looking for someone who is highly self-motivated and independent, with prior experience babysitting, teaching camp, or other positions working with children. The successful candidate will also have an entrepreneurial bent, with experience in creating and marketing programs successfully.

In addition, the person hired will be willing to help on an occasional basis with Eve and Chris's 6 and 8 year old kids 102 afternoons a week on the farm, as needed. Activities will include farm walks, going to the library or the beach, visiting friends, etc. Drivers lisence required.

Duties include:

30% : farm work with the other apprentices

30% : independently develop and teach weekly events for kids and families including playgroup, farm tours, cooking demonstrations, etc.

20%: help customers at the Farm Market & Garden Center


Qualities desired:

- Enjoyment of small children and previous work experience i.e. babysitting, camp counselor, educator

-Experience in creating and marketing programs successfully

- Ability/interest in independently developing educational activities for kids to offer on the farm

-Self-motivated and independent, with an entrepreneurial bent

Pay is commensurate with experience.


We are willing to fill one position each month with a person who has a positive attitude and interest in exploring farming as a vocation, but who has little prior experience.

PERIOD: We will take on one Novice Farmer for a 2-3 month position over the summer (June-August) and we often have openings in the fall as well for one month positions (i.e. September or October). If you have your own housing in our area (Riverhead NY), that is a plus and creates additional flexibility.

Qualities desired:

  • Ability to do physical manual work of farming, and interest in learning about farming and food
  • Comm0n sense and a self-starter work ethic
  • WITH ALL DUE RESPECT - If you have never done anything with your hands or body before (includes restaurant work, cooking, crafts, gardening, woodwoorking, outdoor sports, indoor sports) and you currently have a desk job, this is probably not the farm for you. Get some experience with any of these pursuits and then apply.

Pay: minimum wage

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Farm volunteer workers  East End Long Island New York  on Organic Farm for the Summer Season
A lot of people wonder what it’s like to work on a farm.

Yes, it lets you be outside a lot (including in the freezing rain, and burning sun). Yes, it involves getting your hands dirty. And it does teach you a lot about the natural rhythms of the seasons and how to produce your own food, which is satisfying.



There are a lot of different things we do on the farm, depending on where we are in the season. We plant seeds in the greenhouse, transplant out seedlings into the field, weed the fields, pick flowers and harvest vegetables, feed and water chickens and other livestock, and collect and clean eggs, among other things.



If you are interested in having the experience of working on a commercial farm, please read our FARM EXPERIENCE Guidelines and then contact us by email to let us know when you'd like to come. Sometimes we have overnight acommodations available, and it can be a lot of fun to see the way a farm works behind the scenes. We ask you to dress appropriately and be ready for the fact that farming is hard work.

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