Winter CSA Share 2015-2016


WINTER SHARE Signups are now OPEN.


SUMMER 2016 shares will also be on sale starting in November. To be put on a list to get information, email us at


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Winter shares consist of a pre-boxed, once-a-month pickup from December through May, of one of the following:


Garden of Eve” share includes produce and eggs grown at Garden of Eve. A VEGAN option which replaces eggs with locally grown (non-organic) apples is also available. The Garden of Eve Winter Share is $330 ($55/month for 6 months).

  • FALL (Dec-Jan) may include our own fresh organic field-grown greens such as kale, collards, Swiss chard, and Brussels sprouts, as well as some stored items such as beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, cabbage, celeriac, daikon, onions, garlic, and winter squash.
  • WINTER (Feb-March) may include mainly stored items such as beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, celeriac, and garlic, and butternut winter squash.
  • SPRING (April-May) may include our own fresh greenhouse and field grown delicacies such as mesclun lettuce and cooking greens, such as baby kale, mizuna, mustards, bok choi, Swiss chard, etc.

 “Shopping Basket” share will include Garden of Eve vegetables and eggs in slightly smaller quantities than the Garden of Eve share, plus 2-3 “locavore” products each month including Garden of Eve’s pickles, jarred tomatoes; organic flours and dried beans; NYS grown OG buckwheat, and more. $330 ($55/month for 6 months).


Winter MEAT share will include grassfed, hormone-free beef, pork, lamb, whole Garden of Eve-raised antibiotic-free chickens, Long Island Duckling. (pork-free shares available) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO $300 ($50/month for 6 months).


EGG Shares:  Available as a stand-alone item without the vegetable winter share. Receive one dozen eggs each month, for each of 6 months, for $36 (i.e. $6/dozen for 6 pickups). You may buy as many additional egg shares as you want (i.e. 3 egg shares, get 3 dozen per month). 


PLANT Shares:  A one-time pick up on May 7 (May 8 for Sunday sites). Choose one of 12 different Certified Organic potted Herb and Vegetable Collections, for your windowsill or your garden. See all the Collection choices and more info at Plant Shares are $15 each, includes sales tax.


ADD-ON OPTIONS: You must subscribe to one of the above shares to be eligible for the following:


Winter Fruit Share

Is likely to include: 2-3 lbs non-organic Long Island apples every month, as well as 1-2 items of the following: apple cider and other fruit juices, frozen blueberries (organic), frozen blackberries, possibly other frozen fruits. $90 per share ($15 per month)


Winter Cheese & Dairy share will include NYS produced organic yogurt, and Long-Island and NYS cheeses, approx 1-2 lbs per share. Cheese & Dairy share is $120 ($20/month for 6 months).


Winter BREAD SHARE contains one large loaf of whole wheat bread each month, a variety of breads which are all delicious, organic, probiotic and crusty. Oat Bread, Sourdough, Farm Loaf, and Beer Bread. Made by Carissa's Bread in Amagansett, NY, our bread contains flour made from our very own wheat, grown organically (like everything else) right here at Garden of Eve! The baker fresh-mills our wheat and combines it with organic bread flour, salt, yeast, and a natural starter that was developed in Amagansett in 1968. CLICK HERE for more info. $40 per share ($6.67 per loaf)



 Winter P&P share (Preserves & Pickles) will include Garden of Eve grown and processed preserves and pickles including some of the following: Blackberry, blueberry, or strawberry jam; cucumber pickles; kimchi; pickled beets. One jam and one jar of pickles per month; P&P share is $90 ($15/month for 6 months).


Soup Share  will include two quarts of different Garden-of-Eve-made soups each month, all vegetarian, from our own organic vegetables and grains. Likely to include: Butternut Squash, potato-leek, broccoli-cheddar, onion, and more. $120 ($20 per month for 6 months)

 Locavore Share (Williamsburg BK and Riverhead Farm locations only) will include value-added products that we process on the farm, including our own wheat berries, pesto, jam, soup, etc. Quantity will be 1-2 items per month.  $90 ($15/month for 6 months). DO NOT GET THIS SHARE IF YOU HAVE THE SHOPPING BASKET SHARE, these items are included in that share type.


We are proud to be serving the following CSA locations:




  • Williamsburg Brooklyn at McCarren Park Farmers Market (9am-1pm, Satrurdays)
  • Carroll Gardens NEW!!!At Jesus & Mary & St Stephen Roman Catholic Church, 108 Carroll St (Sat, 10am-12pm)


  • Kensington Windsor Terrace at Brooklyn Commune Restaurant

(Sat, 601 Greenwood Ave, 10am-12pm)

  • Glendale (Glendale Community Garden, 8am-10 am)


  • Forest Hills at the Forest Hills Farmers Market SUNDAYS, 9 am -1 pm, on the South Side of Queens Boulevard x 70th St, in front of the Forest Hills Jewish Center.


  • Bushwick (Saturday, . 9 am - 11:30 am): NEW LOCATION 1034 Dekalb Ave, Unit 2
  • Bed-Stuy NEW!!!At Grandchamps Restaurant, on 197 Patchen st., 10am-12pm


  • Roslyn, Long Island (Saturday, 103 Wagon Road, East Hills near Roslyn Heights, 8am-11 am)
  • At the Riverhead Farm (4558 Sound Ave, any time Saturday or Sunday)


(none of these are holiday weekends)

We cannot replace the share if you forget to pick it up. You are welcome to have a friend pick up a share for you, without prior notice. No volunteer time is required at pickups.



Saturdays: December 5, 2015, January 9, 2016, February 6, March 5, April 9, May 7  

  • Forest Hills: Sundays Dec 6, 2015, Jan 10 2016, Feb 7, March 6, April 10, May 8
  • At the Riverhead Farm: Sat & Sun dates above: Self Service pickup anytime during daylight hours.
  • None of these are holiday weekends, no volunteer time is required & friends can pick up for you. Check website for exact pick up times for each location.



You can return the form to us with a check: CLICK HERE


If you are a current winter share member, you can CLICK HERE to manage your account on the online system

We handle all winter share signups directly through the farm so questions should be directed to us at or 631-722-8777

We send out reminders before each date - let us know if you know of someone who has a winter share who's not getting our emails.

Summer shares for 2016 will be available starting approximately in December and can be purchased online.

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